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Each player is required to have their own glove. Cleats (no metal) are required for Minors and above; optional for Farm and Tee Ball. Male players are encouraged to wear protective cups; required for catchers. PTWLL will provide teams with shared helmets (may or may not have face masks) and bats; players may bring their own (chin straps are required for Tee Ball, Farm and Minors). All personal items must be labeled.
Important Info Little League Approved Bats!
Visit these web pages for more information/ pictures:
  • Little League International - USA Bat Information 2018
  • Little League International - 2018 Bat Standards
  • Little League International - FAQs on Bat Standards
    Teams are generally established by late February or early March.

    Practices are generally held 1-2 nights during the week and 1 time on the weekends.

    Games start in mid April and are typically 1-2 nights during the week and on Saturdays.
    DIRECTIONS to PTWLL Complexes (Softball and Baseball)
    WORK BOND POLICY:  Each family will be called upon during the season for volunteer service. Please click HERE to find out how to fulfill your commitment. You may also sign up to be an umpire for the season (at the Minors level and above). Please see the flyer for more information.
    Local Resources

    Want to get ready for the season? Lots of options for training and indoor field or cage rentals in the area. Elite Diamond Performance in East Hanover, ProMotions in Fairfield, Extra Innings in East Hanover, Frozen Ropes in Pine Brook, and Prodigy Training in Farifield are just a few.

    Looking for deals on your equipment? Want an option other than the big retail stores? Check out Akadema. Contact Luis Rivera at 862-371-3513 with any questions.

    Little League Age Chart - Tee Ball and Baseball
    Little League Age Chart - Softball

    Locate your child's birth month and year to see their Little League Play Age
    Information sheets and checklists on concussions:
  • General Concussion Facts
  • Fact Sheet for Parents
  • Helmet Safety - Catchers
  • Helmet Safety - Batters
  • IMPORTANT MESSAGES (includes links to information about bats approved by Little League International)
    Parents of children in T-Ball and Farm: click HERE to access information developed to cover some basic drills and practices that parents can do with their children.

    Players in Minor, Major, Junior and Senior Leagues Only! click HERE to review our Player Replacement Policy, a great opportunity for those wishing to play more baseball!

    PTWLL greatly appreciates your support and cooperation with the following:

    • Read and honor the Parental Code of Ethics.
    • Read and honor the State of NJ Model Athletic Code of Conduct, officially adopted by PTWLL.
    • Become familiar with PTWLL RULES AND REGULATIONS.
    • Make sure your child's equipment fits properly: baseball glove, uniform, cleats or sneakers, protective cup, and any other personal safety items.
    • Make sure your child arrives at practices and games 15-20 minutes before starting time to properly warm up.
    • Make sure your child always has a water bottle for practice or game.
    • Let the manager or coach instruct the players on the field. If you need to talk with the coach, try to have a discussion in private.
    • Remember to praise your child and teammates.
    • Let the umpire make the calls during the game and never question an umpire's call. Remember that most are children who are also learning.
    • Please pick up your child promptly after a game or practice.
    • Remember that the goal is for all children to learn and have FUN!

    Supportive Parents:

    1. Decrease the pressure to win.
    2. Believe that the sport's primary value is the opportunity for self development.
    3. Understand the risks of the sport.
    4. Communicate their true concerns with the coach.
    5. Understand and respect the differences between parental roles and coaching roles.
    6. Control negative emotions and think positively.
    7. Avoid use of fear.
    8. Avoid criticism.
    9. Recognize and understand the expression of insecurity.
    10. Avoid the use of guilt.
    11. Show empathy for the young player.

    State of NJ Model Policies

    Click HERE to access the official State of New Jersey Policies (officially adopted by PTWLL), regarding banning a person from a community-sponsored Youth Sports Event.

    Minimum Sanctions for Parents, Spectators and Members

    Directed Towards
    Use of alcohol Within the park during game or practice or other league or team event where players are present. Ejection from park
    One game suspension
    PAYS certification
    Use of illegal substances Same as above Minimum of one year suspension
    PAYS certification
    Interference with the conduct of the game Resulting in a stoppage of play Warning
    Interference with the conduct of the game - 2nd offense Same as above Ejection from field or park
    PAYS certification
    Foul or abusive language A player, coach, official or spectator Ejection from field or park
    PAYS certification
    Foul of abusive language - 2nd offense Same as above Ejection from field or park
    1 week suspension
    PAYS certification
    Striking or bodily assault in any threatening fashion Same as above Ejection from field or park
    Minimum 1 year suspension from attendance and participation
    PAYS certification
    Threatening gesture or language Same as above Ejection from field or park
    Up to 1 year suspension from attendance and participation
    PAYS certification
    Death threat and/or language Same as above Ejection from field or park
    At least 1 year suspension
    Pays certification
    Soliciting of any sort is prohibited on Par-Troy West Little League property or at any Par-Troy West Little League function, game or event.   Any violation of this by a League member will be brought up to the Disciplinary Committee and possible disciplinary action taken.   Any non member soliciting will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
    Any parent who is suspended may allow their child to continue to play if they appoint a "parent-guardian" to take the child to games and practices.  Failure to do so will result in the child not being allowed to participate.

    What Parents Should Know About Little League Insurance

    Warning: Protective equipment cannot prevent all injuries a player might receive while participating in Baseball/Softball.

    The Little League Insurance program is designed to afford protection to all participants at the most economical cost to the local league.  It can be used to supplement other insurance carried under a family policy or provided by parent's employer.  If there is no coverage, Little League insurance, which is purchased by the league, not the parent, takes over and provides benefits for all covered injury treatment costs up to the maximum stated benefits.

    This plan makes it possible for Little League to offer unmatched, low-cost protection with assurance to parents that adequate coverage is in force at all times during the season.

    If your child sustains a covered injury while taking part in Little League Baseball or Softball, here is how the insurance works:
    1. File a claim, initially under insurance carried by the family: Blue Cross/Blue Shield or any other insurance protection available.
    2. Should your family insurance plan not fully cover the injury treatment, the Little League Insurance Policy will help pay the difference up to the maximum stated benefits for all covered injury treatment cost up to the maximum benefits of the policy.
    3. Treatment of dental injuries can extend beyond the normal 52 week period if dental work must be delayed due to physiological changes of a growing child.  Benefits will pay at time treatment is given, even though it may be some years later.  Maximum dollar benefit is $500 for eligible deferred dental treatment after the normal 52 week period.
    We hope this brief summary has been helpful in better understanding of an important aspect of the operation of the Little League Insurance program.